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Your enjoyment and use of your outdoor livingspace can be extended well into the evening through strategically placed landscape lighting! Call 631-922-1287 to professionally design and install your exterior lighting. Your landscape lighting will work year round and in all weather conditions.

We can install any brand you may want– from the traditional incandescent bulb to the newest in LED lighting for increased efficiency.

Your outdoor lighting has three important objectives to accomplish:

  1. (1) Increase safety
  2. (2) Accent your beautiful landscape
  3. (3) Accent your home or business’ architecture


Statistics indicate that outside lighting of a home is one of the best deterrents to burglary. Additionally, your clients, family, friends, and guests can be assured of their safety when moving about your property after dark, thanks to elegant exterior lighting that will illuminate your walkways, paths and stairways.

Accenting your Landscape

Just as lighting is used to create a mood or serve a particular function in your home or business, landscape lighting does the same thing for your outdoor space. Outdoor lighting can be used to create soft and alluring shadows as well as highlight the naturally beautiful textures and lines of your trees and shrubs. Lights can be placed below trees to create dramatic up lighting that exhibits the tree’s canopy in a way that can only be seen and appreciated in the dark. Or you can place the lighting in the trees to create soft, moonlike down lighting.

Architecture Accentuation

Exterior lighting can serve multiple uses by illuminating your landscape and the unique features of your architecture. An unusual roof line, an elegant entry way and door, interesting window frames, an attractive stone or brick façade; no matter what architectural feature you would like to accent, there is an outdoor lighting solution available.

Your outdoor lighting will be designed to not only complement your landscaping and architecture, but also provide all the safety functions you require.

To schedule a landscape lighting consultation please call 631-922-1287.